Modern Web Technologies

on Thursday, March 15, 2012
As part of my studies I gave two lectures at JAMK about web technologies. I named this set as Modern Web Technologies and it consists of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

The slides aren't perfect and those topics are massive so naturally single slide set cannot contain everything there is to know about these three big ones. These slides are more like a summary of good techniques and practices I've encountered while doing web software development.

I noticed some flaws or inconsistencies after I published these slides, but didn't modify the slides any further. For example, there are two different examples of JavaScript singleton pattern. The first one is not as good as it relies upon placing anonymous function into variable whereas latter version is one recommended by Douglas Crockford (check out module pattern) and it uses object literal. I haven't used that version for that long, but it seems very logical and JSLint doesn't nag about it so I will use that version in the future.

Here goes, hope you like it :)


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